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Paul, Thanks for Standing Up for Canadians!

Yesterday, Paul Martin met with President Bush for the first time since he became Prime Minister. One of the issues that was discussed was the Maher Arar case.

This is how it was reported in the Globe and Mail today:

The result was described yesterday by Mr. Martin as unprecedented: Both Canada and the United States have promised to "consult expeditiously" whenever they are contemplating deporting a citizen of the other country to a third nation. International law requires no such step, officials said, and the United States has signed no deal of this sort with any other country.

"To the best of my knowledge, this is unique," Mr. Martin said.

So, in other words, the United States reserves its "right" to deport Canadian citizens to third countries -- even countries where we know they will be tortured -- and our Prime Minister is happy with this "unique" deal? Wow. Now I know what Paul Martin was talking about when he discussed "improving" relations with the United States.

I bet Governor General Ambassador Cellucci is happy today.

[Postscript: POGGe spells it out, and links to Maher Arar's comments in the Globe and Mail.]



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