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Guns in Canada 2

Warren Kinsella today also weighed in on the talk about the Martin government reconfiguring the gun registry program. He took a rather different position than I did.

I don't know who could disagree with him that Canada needed to take steps to prevent a repeat of December 6, 1989. If there was a plan that would stop gun murder, I would not be concerned about spending a billion dollars on it, nor would I be very worried about gun owners' complaints.

However, the point I wanted to raise was that I'm not sure we are taking the right steps to reduce this sort of crime. What good will a registry of legal guns do when you can rent an illegal gun on the streets of Toronto for $100? (At least according to the cops, anyway.)

I'm calling for a real plan to stop guns coming across the border, and I say this should be the top priority. Right now, I'm not sure if anything is really happening on this score.



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