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Happy Holidays -- Slow Blogging Ahead
William Thorsell is At It Again

Last month, William Thorsell wrote an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail in which he called for Stephen Harper to step aside as a candidate to lead the new Conservative Party, and to work to install Toronto scion John Tory instead. The thinking then was something like:

Stephen Harper can never escape the negative stigma of the Reform/Alliance parties, and so he should graciously defer to an electable business man with centrist policies from central Canada.

I wrote about it at the time, as did Fumbling, who was rather pissed off. (Via Path of the Paddle.)

Now, the writing seems to be on the wall. There will be no Bay Street establishment hero to save the day for the Conservatives. Stephen Harper will likely be leader of the new party, and William Thorsell is back with a new column. The short-hand version is:

For the Conservatives to be more than a regional rump, they would need a leader from Ontario. Ain't gonna happen. But, never fear! Ontario Progressive Conservatism is represented in one of the federal parties -- in the person of Prime Minister Paul Martin! We, the establishment, will fall in behind Martin, the Conservatives will recede and the new era will see a resurgence of the NDP as opposition.

It must be frustrating to be a Reformer. The social conservatives just can't seem to get along with the red Tories. This is a team that is really hard to keep together.



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