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The Uptown Theatre Collapse

If I had known that it was being torn down, I might have blogged a memoriam for The Uptown Theatre. It was home to some good memories for me. But, obviously those memories can't be compared to the memories of the people who lost a man they love yesterday in the building's collapse.

The CBC's website has a story on the incident which includes a photo taken before the collapse. This photo seems to support the reports that there was something wrong with how the job was being done. (Note the large wall on the left, standing without support.) As do accounts by witnesses such Alexander Lehman, a retired architect living across the street at the Manulife Centre.

The Globe and Mail found a demolition expert in Boston who said that demolishing theatres is particularly complicated and dangerous.

This is all to say that the cause is much more likely to be human error or even negligence than it is, say, the fault of the wheelchair-bound activist who sued Famous Players over the inaccessability of the Uptown. (What a cheap shot. (Via Armchair.))



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