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Rampant Kinsella Speculation

There's something about having a semi-celebrity among the slim ranks of the Canadian liberal blogosphere that sure seems to whip up a great deal of excitement.

Warren Kinsella -- former Chrétien advisor and strategist for both Dalton McGuinty and mayoral candidate John Tory -- has been blogging for over a year, and has used it as a forum to (among other things) express his point-of-view as the tides turn in Ottawa and the other wing of the Liberal Party takes over.

This has led to a fair bit of speculation -- some of it more down-to-earth than others -- but today's offering from The Middleman is the best:

It is hard not to picture WK brooding in his dark basement, listening to records of the rock and roll glory days, wearing boxers, poorly cut hair, and an ill-shaven face; drinking Golden Wedding and chain-smoking Luckies. That appears to be his disposition since being repeatedly disappointed by the current Liberal Party élite.

Somehow, I think that whatever Warren Kinsella does next it will involve wearing pants.

More seriously, though, what I'd really like to see is more speculation about who is going to lead the new Conservative Party. Because, right now, the rumoured candidates aren't really inspiring much.



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