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The Future for Me and This Blog

It has been nearly a year that I have been writing on this website, but I feel like I am approaching a turning point for more substantial reasons.

  • Working on the David Miller campaign was an inspiring experience and I'm interested in finding new ways that I can get involved in work that's related to what's important to me
  • My wife is finishing up a professional program and within a year will be working in her chosen career. Having an income instead of paying a five-figure tuition will free me up to pursue my own interests
  • I've been working at the same place for about five years and, as much as I like it, I also want to get involved in other things

So, I think it is time to do a bit of an assessment. I'll spend some time surveying my interests and options, and where they might fit my abilities and my values. I'm thinking about working through this on my blog because there very well may be some readers who have suggestions to make, or who can answer questions for me.

This could lead to a career change, or just an evolution in the work I do. The timing might be anytime between now and a year from now.



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