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Leadership of the New Conservative Party

Even though I'm unlikely to support them, I'm happy to see some potential for the country's right wing parties to get together. Democracy needs competition and I don't want to live in a one-party state, even if it is the Liberal Party.

Earlier today on Pogge, there was a note about the sad-sack race for leader of the new Conservative Party. The current credible leadership candidates are identified as Alliance Leader Stephen Harper, Tory Leader Peter MacKay, Tory MP Scott Brison and publisher and CFLer Larry Smith.

Pogge says there's not much to get excited about here, and I agree. Then again, since I've never voted for either party, what business is it of mine? Still, this whole competition thing isn't going to work very well if the new party choses Stephen Harper as its leader and is then promptly annhilated by Paul Martin. They need to find somebody else.

One name that has popped up is Ken Dryden's. Apparently there is a move afoot to draft him into the race. This will be interesting. Running back vs. goalie.

The more I hear about this race, the more I think we need to take John Tory seriously. He's away getting some sun right now, resting up after finishing a strong second in the election for mayor. However, considering the current field of candidates, I can't help but imagine that Tory is giving it some thought.

On the other hand, why would he want to go to Ottawa in sit in opposition for the next nine years of his life?



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