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Warren Kinsella's Remarks on David Miller's Victory 2

This morning, Warren Kinsella clarified what it was about David Miller's victory speech that so ticked him off.


  • "And we will padlock the back door to the dealmakers and the influence peddlers."
  • "Access will not be bought and sold in my administration - ever."
  • "...the public interest will always be paramount in David Miller's city hall...tonight we've made history..."

Now, Warren seemed to think that some of these comments were meant to be in reference to John Tory. To me, that's crazy. In fact, I don't think anybody else at our party or anybody watching on TV would have heard them that way either.

Cleaning up City Hall was a theme in this election before it even started -- not just in David Miller's campaign, but across the board. Why else would John Tory have made such a firm point about his "Plan to Restore Trust in Government".

Frankly, I think David's speech would have been essentially the same, even if John Tory hadn't run this year. These comments were, in my view, clearly made in reference to the previous administration -- justifiably so -- and not the recent competition.

Anyway, Warren Kinsella is entitled to feel that his guy was better, and he's entitled to his opinion that the city has made a choice that it may regret. I don't even mind so much that he thinks Barbara Hall's support simply vanished into thin air, but gives no credit to the Miller campaign whatsoever. I was offended by his remarks yesterday, but feel a bit better now that I know Warren was wrong... even if he doesn't know it yet.



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