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See? Jets! 2

Well, the Toronto Port Authority was quick to try to cover Air Canada Jazz's gaffe, in which they formally requested that the TPA consider allowing jets at the island airport. The Globe and Mail has an update on their website (which I learned about via Crazed Monkey), in which they report the following:

According to a statement released on Saturday, The Toronto Port Authority's CEO Lisa Raitt has rejected Air Canada Jazz's request to allow jets to operate at the [Toronto City Centre Airport].

"Absolutely not." This was Ms. Raitt's response in a letter to Jazz president Joseph Randell.

According to the statement, Ms. Raitt noted "all three parties to the agreement have clearly agreed from the outset that there would be 'no jets' and 'no runway expansion' at the TCCA. We intend to keep that promise."

However, one doesn't have to look very far before it becomes painfully obvious that Ms. Raitt's response is pure damage control in the face of an already-likely David Miller victory.

First of all, let's consider the tripartite agreement that Ms. Raitt refers to. Until recently it could have also been said that "all three parties to the agreement have clearly agreed from the outset that there would be 'no fixed link' at the TCCA." The bridge that David Miller wants to stop also used to be outlawed by this agreement that Ms. Raitt suggests will protect the waterfront from jets. Then the TPA decided that they wanted it, and twisted arms at City Council to get it passed. It was that easy.

Without the right elected officials looking out for our interests, the tripartite agreement is a rather flimsy document, indeed.

The other silly part of the TPA's letter is that, in reality, the port authority does want jets. They may not want them on the eve of the election, but someday they do. This is what is recommended in the same consultant's report that called for building the fixed link.

Even the port authority's logo has a jet in it. Of course they want jets!

Anyway, the whole significance of the Air Canada Jazz letter is that it confirmed that this island airport bridge issue seems to be a bit of a Trojan Horse. Each little thing we let them get away with is really one more step towards a major airport right in the middle of our waterfront. (You remember, the waterfront that is supposed to be revitalized?)

The answer is to vote for David Miller on Monday. Click here to find out where to vote. Then, show up with identification or a bill that proves where you live.



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