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Since September 26, I have been a volunteer with the Miller for Mayor campaign. Articles before that date represent my decision-making process and all articles on this site represent my views only. Join the campaign; we need your help.
New Toronto Mayoralty Poll

The Toronto Star released the results of another poll today. The poll was conducted by EKOS research on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • David Miller, 44% (+7)
  • John Tory, 37% (+6)
  • Barbara Hall, 11% (-8)
  • John Nunziata, 5% (-1)
  • Tom Jakobek, 2% (-)

If you read the Star article, it seems that there are good findings that indicate Miller turnout should be strong. However, for a few reasons, I'm not yet willing to be convinced. For example, David Janes is of the opinion that hardcore right-wingers are more likely to actually show up at the polls. Really, I think there are many statements that could be made that show one or another contingent is going to show up on Monday for David Miller. Instead, I'm just going to use Janes' comment as a motivator to remind me to get out and volunteer long hours this weekend.

So, gotta go. (And if you're a Miller supporter, please volunteer if you can this weekend and definitely make sure you vote on Monday!)



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