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Dundas Square

Edward Keenan has written a column in eye weekly in which he searches for the great intersections of Toronto.

He begins the article by dismissing the new Dundas Square development at the corner of Yonge and Dundas.

He's right that so far the new square has done more to kill the corner than to enliven it. The southwest corner, where the Eaton's Centre is, is usually bustling with activity, featuring all sorts of characters -- musicians, performers, vendors -- and just crowds of people hanging out. Right now, the area looks dull.

But I'm ready to give it more of a chance.

First off, let's wait for the summer. It's a bit too cold right now for anybody to be loitering anywhere.

Second, the square hasn't shown all of its features yet. The city has a press release that shows the fountains in action. They look pretty cool.

I do hope that something else is added in the middle of the square. More traditional squares feature a fountain or a statue that offer the very important benefit of a place for people to sit. If there is nowhere to sit in Dundas Square, no crowd will ever develop. It will remain a vast empty expanse.

We can also hope that as the surrounding buildings develop, the square may take on more character.

[Update -- Christopher Hume of the Toronto Star has a column on this subject, January 18, 2002]



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