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Nunziata Bribery Investigation Concluded: No Evidence, No Charges

York Regional Police have ended their investigation into John Nunziata's claim that someone in the Tory camp offered him money and a job to drop out of the race. Their findings:

Investigators were able to trace the relevant conversations back to the sources involved and concluded that there was no evidence to support an offence, either under the Criminal Code or the Ontario Municipal Elections Act.

For the most part, this is good news for John Tory. However, it does open up a bit of a risk. Now that Nunziata no longer has a police gag request hanging over him, he may come out with very frank details about what actually happened. This may include embarrasing details that aren't specifically in violation of the law. Either that, or Nunziata will keep quiet and swallow a great deal of embarrasment himself.

I never really thought that John Nunziata was a liar, but I was always open to the thought that he was a clown, a goof-ball, or someone easily confused. Given that his accusation is a case of "someone said something to someone who said something to me", I think it's likely that however Nunziata tries to explain what happened, he'll never be able to give a clear and convincing account.

This whole thing has been a remarkable soap opera. I wonder if we will hear more of it in tonight's CFRB debate? Tune in to 1010 at 6:30 to find out.

DISCLOSURE: After a serious decision-making process, I joined the Miller-for-mayor campaign more than a month ago. However, all comments on this website are my own, and do not necessarily represent the views of David Miller or his campaign. My role in the campaign is grunt-level and I haven't even met the strategists.



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