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Trick or Eat

A friend of mine is the Director of a Canadian charitable organization called Meal Exchange. Rahul Raj started Meal Exchange as a student at Wilfred Laurier and has now built it up with chapters at universities across Canada. "The mission of Meal Exchange is to develop engaged citizens of tomorrow by addressing local hunger today."

Besides its year-round activities, Meal Exchange also puts on a special event at Halloween called Trick or Eat.

Only one night a year do households expect their dinner hours to be repeatedly interrupted to distribute free edible items to all who ask. Trick or Eat sees costumed students canvass their neighbourhoods on Halloween, collecting non-perishable goods and helping to educate their neighbours about local hunger and volunteer opportunities available to address it. This year, 30 communities across Canada (27 post-secondary institutions and 3 high schools) will be running Meal Exchange's Trick or Eat. Students will have dropped off branded Trick or Eat bags along with door hangers (explaining the extent of local hunger and the commitment of students to address it) to community members in advance of Halloween. On the night of, students will return to those same households to pick up the filled bags. This year also marks our first year of corporate support as both the Canada Safeway Foundation and Kraft have come on board; the former helping to fuel our western Canadian expansion and the latter matching donations lb. for lb. out West.

Meal Exchange is a great organization. If Trick or Eat is going on in your neighbourhood, it's worth your support. You can also make a donation by clicking here.

Happy Halloween!



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