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McGuinty Drops Hydro Cap

There weren't very many elements of the Ontario Liberal platform that I wasn't happy about. However, one of the ideas I didn't like was the Liberals' plan to maintain Ernie Eves' cap on hydro rates. Dalton has already been able to shed himself of this bad idea.

I didn't like the cap because:

  • It encouraged the over-use of electricity when we need to be conserving
  • It priced electricity artificially low, thereby discouraging new supply
  • It priced electricity artificially low, thereby pricing some renewable-energy alternatives out of the market
  • It didn't really save anybody anything and in fact cost general Ontario taxpayers a lot of money

Looks like the cap is gone, and Ontario hydro consumers will know they are paying high rates for hydro because the Harris-Eves Tories bungled the hydro file and because the Harris-Eves Tories cooked the books and left this province with an enormous deficit.

Really, I'm thrilled. McGuinty gets to dump a crap idea, and the blame goes to the guy who deserves it: Ernie Eves.

On a related topic, I don't know if I am going to find the time to write a full article about Eves' $5.6 billion deficit. I'd like to, because it makes me angry. This deficit is a lot worse than it seems because it is in addition to an incredible deficit of infrastructure and services that the Tories also ran up. In some ways, Ernie's deficit is worse than anything Bob Rae left us with. Rae sure borrowed a lot of money, but at least our schools were being funded, etc. Ernie couldn't balance the books and we still didn't have the money to inspect meat or pay for public transit.



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