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Michael Walker Endorses David Miller

Yesterday, my local incumbent city councillor Michael Walker joined the group of city councillors who have endorsed David Miller.

Earlier, I had thought about Walker and decided he was probably supporting David, but just didn't want to do so publicly. Michael Walker, along with David Miller, has been a pure thorn in the side of Mel Lastman. They have both fought against the special business interests that had so much power in the past regime.

I assumed that Walker hadn't come out publicly for David because either it's just not the kind of thing that he does, or because he was concerned about their different positions on the Minto issue.

Anyway, I was quite pleased yesterday to hear the news.

This is Michael Walker's media release:

Walker Declares Support for Miller!

Councillor Michael Walker, one the longest serving members of Toronto City Council, today declared his support for David Miller in his bid to become Mayor of Toronto.

“Over the past year, I have consulted widely with constituents in St. Paul’s - Ward 22, who have indicated to me that there are varying levels of support for all the major Mayoralty candidates” said Walker. “I believe the majority of them, and especially those concerned with neighbourhood stability and tenants’ issues, would benefit most from a Miller mayoralty. I am proud to support his candidacy, and I will be delivering that message door to door.”

Said Councillor Miller, “I am delighted with Councillor Walker’s decision coming as it does from someone who enjoys as much popular support as he does in North Toronto, and among tenants right across the City.”

“I know first hand how vigilant Michael has been in opposition to developments that are opposed by constituents, for example the Minto Project at Yonge and Eglinton. As a result, Councillor Walker and I have agreed to work with the new Council to have a fresh look at our development review procedures so that those aspects of the Minto process that were unacceptable to residents will not happen again. Our goal will be to provide earlier, more accessible, and more meaningful input by residents in the review of rezoning proposals; and to establish clear planning rules and procedures that are fully respected.”

Today I voted in the advance poll for both Walker and Miller.



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