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Something's Rotten in the City of Toronto

There's one conclusion that can already be drawn from John Nunziata's statement that someone tried to bribe him out of this race for mayor. That's that there's something really wrong here.

The least-bad outcome would be that Nunziata is just making stuff up. In that case we'd know that there's a candidate running for mayor who is a loony liar. Actually, that would make two of them.

What's much worse is if his statement turns out to be true. If Nunziata is telling the truth, there are only two possible reasons that I can think of.

One is that there is a candidate out there who wants to win so badly that he or she is willing to pay off a competitor.

The second is that there are people out there -- let's call them crooks -- that know that if a particular candidate wins, it's going to be worth some serious money to them.

In today's newspapers, Nunziata was slammed by both Royson James and John Barber, as well as the other candidates. The criticism is that this is a stinking slander. However, if it is true, I think this is something that belongs out in the open.



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