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Since September 26, I have been a volunteer with the Miller for Mayor campaign. Articles before that date represent my decision-making process and all articles on this site represent my views only. Join the campaign; we need your help.
Miller Momentum 5: Now Leading the Polls

Via The Armchair Garbageman, I'm directed to the latest Environics poll for Mayor of Toronto:

Decided voters are now up to 71%. This is a big jump from the last poll, about a week ago.

More importantly, my man Miller has made another jump... up to the top of the list:

  • David Miller, 31% (+4)
  • Barbara Hall, 29% (-5)
  • John Tory, 23% (+2)
  • John Nunziata, 11% (-1)
  • Tom Jakobek, 2%, (-3)

This poll was taken last Friday through Sunday, which means that it was after the road tolls misdirection, but mostly before the Jerry Springer debate. However, it sounds like Environics feels that that portion of the polling done after the debate was in line with the portion before the debate.

Environics also mentions that Miller's support seems firmer than Hall's.

I'm a volunteer on the Miller campaign, so I'm quite happy about the news. But there is a whole lot of work to do between now and November 10!



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