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Miller Momentum 4: Today's Poll Results

The Toronto Star released results of a new Toronto mayoral race poll (by Ekos), with some exciting findings.

Here are the current standings (based on decided voters), with the change since the September 5 Ipsos-Reid poll in brackets:

  • Barbara Hall, 34%, (-10)
  • David Miller, 27%, (+12)
  • John Tory, 21%, (+8)
  • John Nunziata, 12% (-3)
  • Tom Jakobek, 5% (+1)

The poll was conducted on October 8 and 9 (Wednesday and Thursday), and is based on a sample of 600 eligible voters. About half remain undecided, and many are not paying attention. As a result, the margin of error in this poll is plus or minus 6.3%, which is rather wide.

Nevertheless, this is quite good news and reflects the trend I've been seeing. Still a very long way to go, though.



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