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Since September 26, I have been a volunteer with the Miller for Mayor campaign. Articles before that date represent my decision-making process and all articles on this site represent my views only. Join the campaign; we need your help.
Miller Momentum 3

The past two nights have been really exciting for me as a Miller-for-Mayor volunteer.

Last night, I went to the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. event at the Roundhouse Centre.

I didn't know what to expect. I knew that RFK Jr. is an environmentalist, a lawyer and an author, but I didn't know much more. What Kennedy turned out to be was a truly brilliant and inspiring speaker who is very knowledgable and passionate about the environment as the ultimate source of human economy and spirituality.

He gave a great speech, and much of it is summarized well in the Toronto Star.

There was a big crowd at the event, but I got to meet Kennedy both on the way in and out. I would have had a picture with me, him, and my wife if my digital camera wasn't so weird. Instead I have a blurry mess and it requires faith to understand that it contains a Kennedy and two Spicers.

After this event, I headed off to the ROM for the Building Aspirations debate. I wasn't able to pay close attention to the content as I was talking to some new people I had met, but based on the level of applause, it seemed like David was doing well.

At the end of the night, many in the audience asked me or other volunteers about how to get involved. Apparently our office was entirely swamped with new people trying to sign up today. However, we still need more help if we're going to win, so sign up here and phone the office at 416-693-9600. You can also get bumper stickers or buttons at the office, or at any of the satellite offices that are opening up around town.

Tonight after work I went canvassing with a team from our North Toronto office. We had great success. Some residents did not know who David was, but reacted quite well to what we had to say. Others were supporters and eagerly agreed to have lawn signs put up.

Lawn signs are legal as of October 16, so if you would like one on your yard, that would be a great support. Sign up online, or phone the office. We also have balcony signs.

All in all, things have been quite promising this week. With the provincial election over, things are kicking into high gear. People are ready to hear about the election and they are hearing good things about David.



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