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Miller Momentum 2

This was my second week on the campaign trail for David Miller. I've now experienced most of the forms of campaign work except working the phones. I've been in a parade, I've stood in front of a subway station and handed out fliers, and I've gone door-to-door talking to people about David.

As I wrote before, I initially found it to be a bit awkward, since I had never considered doing anything like this before. Now I feel pretty comfortable. I'm solidly behind this campaign, and think we can win, despite these early polls.

Barbara Hall is still way out front, but I don't know how much these polls mean so early in the race. (And it is still early, even though this thing has been going on since January.) I was neutral when I began paying attention to this campaign, and through the course of things came to the clear conclusion that David was the best choice. I know or have heard many other people tell me that they initially were aligned with Barbara or were open minded, but after the debates clearly felt that the two good candidates were David Miller and John Tory.

The bottom line is, I think we can win. And now that I'm on the team, I'm going to work as hard as I can to make sure he does win.

The one thing I don't know is what to do with this website during this time. I've always used it to express my point-of-view, but now that I'm a campaign worker, it may get tiresome to read me continually explaining why David would make the best mayor. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

In the meantime, read this article in today's Toronto Star. It's about support for David from several prominent women, on several issues.

Jane Jacobs, the blunt-talking urban guru and author, said that "Miller seems to me to exemplify reason and reality. Barbara Hall seems to be relying too much on `I was mayor before.' Besides, she claims that she supported the fixed link to the island airport for safety reasons. In fact, there are no such safety issues. I can't trust her. She lied to me in assuring me that she didn't want an expanded airport, and then I read later in the papers that she spoke at a rally at Bombardier and did support the airport expansion. We've had enough of that from elected officials."



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