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Ontario Election-Day Blogging

I voted a few hours ago, for Michael Bryant. I decided some time ago that I wanted the Liberals to form the next government. Not that the other parties didn't have some good ideas, too, but on the whole I was most comfortable with the Liberals and thought they were the only party that could rid us of the Harris-Eves team.

Brett Lamb is as relieved as I am that the Tories are almost gone. Make sure you go look at the cartoon. He also links to this hilarious send-up of the campaign.

It has been interesting reading David Artemiw's analysis during this campaign, especially on the future of the NDP. I think he voted for Michael Bryant, too.

James Bow has made his predictions. His riding will be one of the interesting ones to watch. He's calling for red tory Elizabeth Witmer to hold on, but the recent polls are pointing the other way.

Crazed Monkey Ian Stevens is also voting for Michael Bryant. There seems to be a lot of bloggers in St. Paul's.

The Armchair Garbageman was irked by the McGuinty Liberals during the campaign, and decided to vote NDP in Toronto-Danforth. It was a tough call for him, because he doesn't like Marilyn Churley that much either.

It's been fun reading Warren Kinsella's blog during the election. (He doesn't have permalinks, but the whole campaign is probably soon going to be archived here.) As an Ontario Liberal insider, he has fed us some of the talking points of the day. More often, though, he's been able to gloat justifiably about how much better-run his campaign has been than Ernie Eves'.

Readers of his site may have also noticed that his blog was briefly used as damage control during the Carnevale affair. For a few hours, there was a denial on his site, and a mention of lawyers. The next day it was gone. I don't know if this really fits with the unwritten rules of bloggerdom, but to each his own. I wonder if he'll be working for McGuinty after the election, and if so, I wonder if he'll keep his blog going?

Speaking of readers to this site, a lot of them recently have been arriving here based on Google searches for ontario election predictions, or other similar phrases. I'm still happy with my prediction of September 15. However, people are starting to guess seat numbers, and the over/under seems to be 69. It's a coin toss, but I'm leaning to slightly over.

There have been some interesting election-relevant news stories today, including the settlement of the Dudley George lawsuit against the OPP and Mike Harris.

Finally, I have to put in a plug for my mayoral candidate, David Miller. He's going to be discussing the provincial election as one of Adam Vaughan's guests on CITY-TV at 8 p.m., and then he will be at Global TV at 9:30 p.m.

UPDATE Oct 5: Warren Kinsella has updated his blog and his September 15 comment about Joe Carnavale has returned. However, all his postings from September 15 through the rest of the month have disappeared. I wish Warren was using a real blogging tool like Typepad. Not only would his postings not disappear and reappear, he'd have permalinks. He'd even be able to post from his Blackberry or mobile phone if something really urgent happens.



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