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World Premiere of The Yes Men

As if things weren't busy enough with two elections and a busy job, the Toronto International Film Festival is on, and I have tickets to 13 movies.

I've seen four so far. Noi Albinoi was pretty good, Last Life in the Universe was rather good, and Japanese Story was truly awful, but last night's world-premiere of The Yes Men was great.

This movie was a documentary about some activists who run a website that looks strikingly similar to the WTO's. In fact, so similar that they get invited to conferences to speak on behalf of the WTO. This is where the fun begins.

These guys have been so successful in their impersonations that they have spoken at conferences and appeared on CNBC Europe. In their own words (more or less) they represent the "WTO speaking too honestly". They try to present the absurdity of the policies of the WTO, extrapolated . What's hilarious is that they can get away with things like presenting a man in a metallic-gold suit with a giant phallus as a manager of the future, remotely controlling his employees while enjoying life. Conference-goers not only don't realize it's not real, they don't object that this may not be the future that they had in mind.

Last night's presentation at the Cumberland Theatre was the world premiere. Not only were the makers of the film there, but also The Yes Men themselves. It was a very entertaining night.



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