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Late August Toronto Mayoral Race Poll

Ipsos-Reid has conducted a poll of 500 Torontonians on the issue of the mayoral race. No surprises, Barbara Hall continues to lead the pack:

  • Barbara Hall, 35%
  • John Nunziata, 12%
  • John Tory, 11%
  • David Miller, 10%
  • Tom Jakobek, 3%
  • Other, 9%
  • None, 16%
  • Don't know, 5%

Name recognition remains a major factor. 86% of participants have heard of Barbara Hall, compared to only 48% for David Miller. Still, Hall does a much better job than any of the other candidates in turning "heard of" into "voting for".

Participants were also asked about issues of importance. Given an opportunity to mention two key issues:

  • 20% said housing / homelessness
  • 16% said education
  • 12% said crime and violence
  • 11% said healthcare
  • 11% said high taxes
  • 8% said public transportation

Further down the list, only 5% said cleanliness and 3% said garbage. Sorry Armchair.

The analysis I make is that neither the issues facing this city nor the election itself have made much of an impact on residents. Of course the only residents that count are those that will be voting. Ipsos doesn't make it clear, but I think they did not screen out those that do not intend to vote.



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