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St. Paul's 2003: Green Party Moves First

Just a quick comment on what's happening in my riding.

On the day of the election call, the fastest movers here were the Green Party. Peter Elgie signs were all over the place -- in fact, they were the only signs that I saw yesterday. Today, I can add one Michael Bryant sign to the list.

Tonight I also received a late phone call from Peter Elgie. Since I once made a donation to the federal Green party, I must be on their lists. Anyway, he asked me to volunteer for his campaign (I said I couldn't) and directed me to the party's website. He also told me his site will be up in a day or two at I later emailed him and suggested he start a blog.

I'm sure all the candidates are out there somewhere, working hard. Michael Bryant knocked on my door and phoned me back in April. A friend of mine had a visit from PC Candidate Charis Kelso a while back and emailed me a funny story about it -- I intend on posting it, but haven't gotten around to it.

Haven't seen or heard any sign of NDP candidate Julian Heller yet.



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