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Ontario Election Blogging

One problem I've had with the Canadian blogosphere is how infrequently it focuses on Canadian issues. Not that global and American issues aren't interesting or important, but I just wish there was more discussion and debate about what's going on here. That's one reason I have avoided comment on most of the big world issues like Iraq. I wanted to try to create a space where Canadian politics could come to the forefront, and hopefully get involved with others in some good discussion. Somehow this has evolved into a very Toronto-focused site, and I'm okay with that.

Anyhow, with the call of the Ontario election, I think we may be in for a bit of an interesting time in the local blogging scene.

James Bow has already made a few comments on the Ontario election. He seems quite unhappy with the Conservatives, but tempted to support his local MPP anyway, since she's represents a different type of Tory.

Mike Wilson, whose blog originally focused on the federal PC leadership race, has weighed in with an article about the leadership shown by Eves during the blackout crisis. He argues for an Eves vote on the basis of his personal leadership:

When you vote for Ontario premier this time, forget about parties. The 3 major parties have all had a shot at power in the past 15 years, and none of them destroyed the province. Instead, this time consider which of these three men, Dalton McGuinty, Howard Hampton, or Ernie Eves, you would be prepared to stand "Ready Aye Ready" for if he needed you the way Ernie Eves needed you during the third week of August.

I was not quite as impressed by Eves' performance. I acknowledge that he did a good job this time, but I don't know if it was so hard to do. More importantly, I strongly feel that policies do make a big impact, and that policy should mostly trump personality in voting decisions. This time, anyway.

David Artemiw is practically a neighbour of mine. He wrote tonight about Matthew Ingram's column in the Globe and Mail in which Ernie Eves is criticized for trying to take advantage of the blackout by calling an election now. I agree entirely with David that there's nothing wrong with calling an election this quickly after the blackout. He had to call one eventually and has already delayed because of other challenges that have arisen. On the other hand, I do agree with Ingram and others that Ontario's power system is a mess and Eves' government is more responsible than anyone else.

I have already commented on Warren Kinsella. It looks like he will be giving us daily comment and spin from the Liberal trenches.

Ikram Saeed -- based in Ottawa -- has returned from exile. I'm looking forward to what he'll have to say.

If anyone knows of other bloggers commenting on this election, please let me know.



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