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Barbara Hall Makes Big TTC Promises

As the November 10 municipal election draws nearer, Barbara Hall is finally starting to make some of her plans public. (Funny, for a campaign that started so early, she sure has taken a long time to start talking.)

In a speech Wednesday, Barbara unveiled her TTC policy. Given that she endorses the TTC's Ridership Growth Strategy (link via Transit Toronto), she gets credit for some solid content.

However, when you read her press release, she really seems to be going out on a limb. It tells us "She promised she would freeze TTC Fares and extend the Spadina subway line to York University." These are big promises.

Normally when one makes an unqualified promise in an election campaign, one means that they will absolutely follow through, and they will do it in the upcoming term of office. (I.e., the promise is not dependent on certain things happening, nor is it meant to happen "someday", after one is reelected a few times.)

The fare freeze is a good and reasonable promise, although even it would require cooperation of city council. The promise to extend the subway to York is also good, but it is certainly bold. The cost of such an initiative approaches $1 billion. Wow! Good luck.

Does Barbara really mean what she's saying, or is she being very loose with her language? We're going to have to watch her closely.



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