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Ernie: It's Now Political Open Season on the Blackout

Today, after several days of saying this isn't the time for politics, Ernie Eves' party has opened up the debate about provincial energy policy and the blackout.

In a press release, they have taken a shot at the Liberal's plan to shut down Ontario's polluting coal-burning plants by 2007. The criticism? "He wants to shut those plants down, in three-and-a-half years, with no workable plan to bring more energy online... Until last Thursday, Dalton's plan looked harmless to many. Today, we know better."

The Tories are trying to create a false choice -- either we can have clean air, or we can have electricity, but not both.

But let's get things straight -- when the Tories were elected they eliminated Ontario Hydro's $3 billion energy-efficiency program, as government waste (kinda like water testing, schools and other such wimpy ideas.). Conservation programs (like those that were successful in cutting California's demand over 10%) and wise energy development over the past 8 years (rather than just the past few days) could have helped us reach a point where we could safely eliminate coal today.

So, in other words, it is the Harris-Eves Tories' fault that we are being forced to choose between breathable air and reliable power.



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