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Who is Bill Davis Voting For?

For the second time this summer (this past Wednesday), the former Premier of Ontario, Bill Davis, has attacked his party and the job they're doing on education.

Davis is at odds with the Eves government on the following issues:

In the end, Davis rightly feels that education is incredibly important for this province. He also seems to be saying that Mike Harris and Ernie Eves have been bungling it massively.

I make no apologies for my point of view that public education has been and will continue to be the fundamental cornerstone of the economic and social growth of the province of Ontario and of the country.

So, if the former premier feels so strongly about this issue, how far is he willing to go? It doesn’t sound like he’s going to be voting for his party. If he was willing to say so -- maybe in a television commercial? -- he could guarantee the victory of another party, one that’s willing to support education. So, why not do it? The future of our province is worth it, Bill!



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