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Blackout in Toronto 2

I'm finally back on line. Unlike 99.9% of the affected areas, my apartment building endured three nights without power before we finally were permanently reconnected this Sunday morning around 4 am. The Toronto Star partly reported on our situation in a story titled "Last to get power feel forgotten, bewildered". Unfortunately, that was only part of the story for us. Even when our neighbourhood had power, the old apartment complex I live in remained in the dark for an additional twelve hours.

All told, we only had power for 10 of the 60 hours following Thursday's incident. However, other than the lack of hot water, it wasn't so bad.

Meanwhile, this weekend has seen the ups and downs of our famous mayor.

On Friday, I listened -- on my wind-up radio -- to him giving a great speech from the emergency command centre. It was emotional and made one proud to be a Torontonian. I was happy for him, because it seemed like a good finale for his career.

Later the same day he caused a bit of a fuss in response to a question about American claims that the power failure had Canadian origins. He said "Have you ever seen the United States take the blame for anything?" Apolitical, but true.

But if that wasn't enough, he really began to put his foot in his mouth yesterday. In the face of rolling blackouts across the province, Mel made a special request: an exemption for Toronto. Our apologies to the rest of the province. It takes a real talent to make Ernie Eves look good, but Mel seems willing to help.

This isn't over. We don't know what's going to happen on Monday when people try to go to work. Nor do we know how this is going to unfold politically in Ontario or Toronto. Should be interesting to see.



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