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10km TO A Beautiful Island Park

This morning I ran in Nike's Run TO 10k on the Toronto Islands.

The event was quite a circus. It was fairly well organized, and with 7-8,000 participants was the largest running event ever in Toronto.

The first challenge was in getting all these people over to the island. There are only so many ferries and they can only go so fast. As a result, the start of the event was delayed.

Nike had made arrangements for several stages with music along the race course. It was a bit bizarre to be struggling along and pass the gospel choir. (You can imagine the brainstorming session -- "what can we get that will be inspirational?")

The beginning of the race was the strangest. Major act Treble Charger played two songs while we were penned in, ready to race. It felt odd to have them there in a situation where we naturally couldn't pay much attention to them.

Next we were exhorted to join in on some cheers and Nike chants. At this point some of us were getting a bit frustrated and were calling for the race to start instead. It was 25 minutes late, after all.

The race itself was nice, but I'm still slower than I'd like. People who started further back in the pack looked like they were stuck in a huge clog of blue shirts, unable to really run. That would suck.

As we ran past the island airport, I realized that a great protest opportunity was being missed. I wish I had suggested it to Community Air. They could have stood there with banners reminding us that foolish people are working on a nonsensical massive expansion.

The banners could have taken shots at both Barbara Hall and John Nunziata. For some reason they had the nerve to run this island race despite their pro-airport-expansion positions.



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