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Status: I'm slowing developing my own blogging tool using MS Access. It's partly-functional now… but I still need several improvements.
Dalton's Blog

Apparently, someone has told the Ontatio Liberals that some new things are happening on the internet. Dalton McGuinty now has a blog.

Unfortunately, Dalton's blog is even worse than Paul Martin's was when he started it.

Clues for Dalton:

  • Blog entries should probably have dates. Otherwise, how do we know when this stuff was written?
  • Blog entries shouldn't be mini-speeches that encapsulate your entire campaign platform each time.
  • You should have more than two blog entries... unless your blog is new -- but without dates we can't really tell, can we?
  • Try writing entries that have something to do with now, as opposed to things that could just be regular pages on your site.
  • Make it easier to access past entries... if you have any.
  • If you're writing it yourself, make it at least a little personal.



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