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Mel's Three-Step Plan to Ruin The Waterfront
Despite all the hype over the past few years, it is now more than obvious that the various powers that control the City of Toronto have no plans to give us anything close to the redeveloped waterfront we were promised. Instead of removing the Gardiner, Mel Lastman wants to build us a second one. Imagine two major highways between downtown and the lake. Instead of green space we are going to have an expanded airport to pollute our air and give people reasons to stay away. And, instead of optimizing Union Station as a transportation hub (to help us reduce our reliance on the automobile), Mel has made a secret deal with his buddies to renovate, including a mall. I don't know what's worse... the way our good city is slowly being driven to deteriorate, or the gullability of the people who believed that Mel Lastman, Mike Harris and Jean Chretien would actually collaborate on something for our benefit. Here are some organizations that can help:

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